#Smarthome technology has an expanded presence at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas starts the New Year off with the hottest and newest technology, gadgets and home automation innovations that will be the must haves for the the following year.

Last year, home automation leader, Control4 was named CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree for their uniquely engineered 4K TV A/V Distribution Switch. A technology that is used today in many luxury homes that enjoy 4K TV services.

#Smarthome technology continues to be the next thing in luxury home features and there is an expanded presence at this year’s CES with over 200 exhibitors in a specifically designated area dedicated to home automation.

2017 does not disappoint and we chose our top 3 must have #smarthome technologies being showcased at CES:

Taking complete control of the environment

Honeywell showcased the 2nd generation of its high tech Lyric thermostat. The voice activated device is easy to install and is compatible with many home network and automation apps. Aside from complete control and timing of temperature, the platform now runs with Apple’s HomeKit and users can control aspects climate control with the familiar Siri interface.

Who doesn’t need help?

LG has been an innovator in connected appliances and has unveiled their entrant into the ultra hot virtual assistant market. The LG Hub robot can perform a wide range of important household tasks through its Alexa powered voice powered interface. The little robot can deliver a range of daily vital information such as traffic and weather. Hub can also turn on appliances that are connected to the home’s WiFi network. The wash is on and dinner is served!

Siri can open doors

At CES, Chamberlain announced its MyQ home ecosystem is now compatible with Apple’s HomeKit infrastructure. The company’s Smart Garage Hub can connect virtually any smartphone to the MyQ network. Adding true HomeKit compatibility means uses can take control of garage doors and accessory lighting through an iPad, iPhone, Siri and Apple’s smartwatch. Old style garage door opener will make great high tech paperweights.

By Doron Levy, Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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