Next Level Comfort: What You Need in Home Automation


Technology has made the dream of automating typical home chores into a beautiful reality. It is now possible for you to relax and enjoy the luxury of having a computer handle activities that just about everyone considers boring. The concept of home automation is not a novel one. As a matter of fact, some of the earliest technologies date back to the 1930s. However, most of these did not provide the desired results, and the difficulty of using them did not help much either.

Advances in design and technology have allowed developers to create more efficient systems that contribute to the comfort of your home in Utah. A smart automation system contains various aspects, and its suitability depends on what you are looking for. Here is what a home automation should offer.

Connect Everything

The point of getting a luxury home automation device is to have everything accessible in one central location. There are so many fixtures, utilities, and appliances in your home that sometimes operating all of them can get overwhelming. Which are some of the sections in your home that should be part of the systems?


Remember how frustrating it is when everyone is in bed, and suddenly you realize that some lights are still on? Well, with an automation system, you can stop pushing back and forth about how will be going down to switch the light off in the lounge area. At the touch of a screen, you can turn them off and on leisurely. Connecting lights to home automation also means you can control the brightness if need be. Such convenience makes it possible to conserve energy by minimizing the use of lights in your home.


Home automation technology puts home entertainment at a whole new level. You can have a home theater system that meets the highest standards of viewing. By connecting it to a central hub, you can record shows and films and then watch them from another device.

Security and Safety Systems

More advanced automation technologies make it possible to integrate different security systems. For example, you can connect your home’s surveillance cameras to the home automation system for easier control. Smart locks permit remote monitoring for enhanced security of your home. Even when you are not in, you can tell who has entered the home.

Home builders can also include home automation mechanisms that monitor the levels of carbon monoxide in a house. Instead of getting standalone detectors, you can have one system that is highly reliable and very effective.


Have you ever left a kettle boiling and rushed into the shower because you are late and ended up burning the coffee? It happens. With an automation system, you can avoid such mishaps. A centralized system means you can control multiple appliances from anywhere in the home. You can turn the kettle off or lower the oven temperatures with the touch of a screen as you attend to other things.

Indoor Climate

Comfort is largely dependent on the quality of air in your home. It is annoying when you have to keep getting up from your nap to adjust the thermostat because the temperature is suddenly too low or too high. With home automation, you can do that without leaving the bed.

Home automation not only improves the comfort of your home but the safety as well. When you have comprehensive tracking capabilities at your fingertips, you have a better handle on what goes on in your home. Such measures will vote well when getting insurance for your home.

Before settling on an automation program for your home in Utah, understand the different technologies available and how they work. For example, you should learn about the connectivity choices that would be most suitable. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the most popular and each offers certain advantages for a homeowner. Carefully evaluate the automation requirements of your luxury home before choosing.

By Kevin Faber Courtesy TheTopTier Digital Media

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